How to Find a Tutor

Ways to find a good tutor

So, you have decided to hire a tutor for your child and now you are wondering how to go about finding the right one. First, you need to decide whether you need a general tutor or one that specialises in a specific subject.

If your child needs some assistance to prepare for their upcoming exams and need help in a number of different areas then a general tutor will be the best fit. They will be able to help in most of the core subjects and will be there to offer tips on achieving their desired grade.

One the other hand, if your child is looking to gain an in-depth knowledge in one specific subject then finding a course specific tutor will be the best route to take. Whether they want to learn to play the piano, are looking to learn more about mathematics or are struggling with particular aspects of English literature, then a course specific tutor will be able to offer expert teaching.

Word of mouth

Ask around your friends and family to see whether they have ever employed a tutor and what they thought about them. If they had a great experience then it may be worth getting in touch with them yourself.

Recommendations coming from people you know can offer a lot of comfort as it is based on their own experiences and you can trust their opinion. This can work to find a better fit for your child rather than just looking over a stranger’s set of paper qualifications.

It is important to remember that what worked for a friend’s child may not work for yours. No two children are the same and will learn in different styles and varying speeds. We are all unique when it comes to our education preferences so it is vital to find a tutor who will take these into consideration.


One of the easiest ways to find a tutor is to simply search online for tutors in your area. It will yield numerous results and will leave you with a lot of websites to scroll through.

Make sure you read extensive reviews before hiring a tutor for your loved one. Google can help with this, or verbal reviews from those close to you who may have used this tutor before. A lot of tutors will have testimonials on their website but remember that these would have been specially chosen and curated to only show the positive effects.

Through schools

If you would like a specialised opinion, you could ask a few teachers at your child’s school if they have any tutor recommendations. They may have communicated with them for another student before, or there may be a few tutors in their network.

Be careful with this one though, some teachers may take offense if they feel you are implying their student needs further teaching outside of the classroom.

What to think about once you have found a great tutor

Once you have found a good tutor, the work does not stop there. You need to also consider aspects such as how often you will need them a week, where the lessons will take place and how you can support your child through it. Find more information on how tutors can help with remote schooling here or find personal or private tutors now at