What Experience Should You Expect From a 'Good' Tutor?

What will happen if you use a good tutor?

When you are considering hiring a tutor, you may ask how you will know if the situation is working. You could attend two lessons a week for months on end and, without any proper idea of what good tutoring entails, have no idea if you are benefitting from it.

Prospect outlines that a good tutor will provide their students with a flexible teaching style that provides specialist skills and introduces them to different working methods or approaches in regard to their studies.

But after finding a great tutor and deciding how often you are going to see them, what can you expect from your time together?

How a great tutor will meet your expectations

Before hiring a tutor, you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve. Whether your goals are to pass an upcoming exam, get more comfortable with a certain subject or to gain extra knowledge you need for a job, a tutor who is good at their job will meet all of them.

A great tutor will work with you to meet these expectations, take on-board your personal preferences in regard to education and will always ask you whether their style is working for you.

It is important to remember that tutors work to make themselves redundant. They want you to achieve these goals so they are no longer needed but many times they will surpass these expectations completely.

One-to-one and specialised support

The drawback of a classroom environment is that a teacher needs to try to handle the needs of upwards of twenty students. Although they try their best to cover all bases, it will never be as comprehensive as a tutor will be.

One of the main motivations of employing the talents of a tutor is to get one-to-one assistance in areas you may be having some trouble with. A good tutor will take into account your individual learning style and will adapt to it. If you learn best through graphs, pictures and other visual things then your tutor should try to use these wherever possible.

Skills you will gain from a good tutor

Aside from technical knowledge of your chosen area and meeting your examination goals, a good tutor should leave you with transferable skills as well as practical understanding. Through having a tutor, you can expect to gain the following skills:

These skills will benefit you not only in other studies but in other aspects of your life too - either in a job or social settings.

A rise in self-confidence

A great teacher looks to instill confidence in their students and tutors are no different. A good tutor is someone who wants to impart tools that will allow their students to flourish, start working problems out by themselves and have the confidence needed to engage in activities without the fear of failing.

Through the one-to-one setting of a tutoring programme, you can be sure to gain all of these benefits and more.